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From a young age make-up has always been an interest of mine. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t looking through magazines, watching various TV shows and music videos. I find it so fascinating; the effect that it has on women is so powerful, evoking a feeling of beauty and confidence from within. These are some of the reasons, that encouraged me to go on to pursue being a make-up artist.

I have a background in beauty therapy and I also attended a make-up school. My talent and experience is used in a professional and friendly way, to a high level of competency. I enjoy brainstorming with clients, giving me the chance to listen to their ideas, an exceptional outcome is always achieved through working together, setting our aims and as a result of this I always offer an individually tailored approach.

There is no better feeling to me personally, as a make-up artist, than enhancing what already exists, giving the client a stunning flawless look. As the make-up world is ever-evolving, I ensure that my style is up with current trends. I do this by making sure that I am the first to know what new products are coming out.

In addition to this, I have an extremely versatile and determined approach, I am always willing to keep learning new skills and constantly researching for new ideas from the web, magazines, fashions shows, emails and newsletters from the big cosmetics companies.

The true meaning of being a make-up artist to me is, being open-minded, trying new things, whilst carrying out the most professional service. I do believe that leaving your client feeling, not only beautiful on the outside but confident and beautiful on the inside is of paramount importance.

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